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Shiloh Groot on homelessness in Aotearoa

In recent years fierce debates surrounding a housing crisis has brought attention to the oft ignored societal issue of homelessness in Aotearoa New Zealand.  However, homelessness is a complex issue that is about much more than just having access to four walls and a roof. Dr Shiloh Groot, Senior Lecturer in Social Psychology at the University of Auckland, has been researching homelessness for over a decade, and advocates for a more humanistic approach to understanding and responding to homelessness. Shiloh speaks with The Policy Observatory’s Keri Mills.

Nō Ngāti Uenukukōpako, nō Ngāti Pikiao a Shiloh Groot. Shiloh is an interdisciplinary social scientist who works in the fields of Indigenous/Māori worldviews and communities, and homelessness and urban poverty. Shiloh is a long standing member and former co-chair of the Tangata Whenua Caucus for the New Zealand Coalition to End Homelessness (NZCEH), where they have been asked to advice on the expansion of research strategies that will inform the development of national policy and service provision.

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Shiloh Groot on homelessness in Aotearoa
Shiloh Groot