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Maria Bargh and David Hall on the low-emissions transition

The climate is changing, whether we like it or not. Our remaining choices are around how much we can limit this change, and what we can do to adapt. A new book  A Careful Revolution: Towards a Low-Emissions Future, edited by David Hall and published by Bridget Williams Books, tackles these questions. This podcast is an edited recording of a kōrero between two contributors to the book: Maria Bargh and David Hall, at the book’s Auckland book launch in July. They discuss how a low-emissions revolution can be careful, and tika, and how well we are doing in Aotearoa so far.

Associate Professor Maria Bargh, nō Te Arawa, nō Ngāti Awa hoki, is a political scientist based at Te Kawa a Māui, Victoria University of Wellington. Her research covers a range of topics in Māori politics and economics, includng Māori political representation and Māori resource management.

David Hall is Senior Researcher at The Policy Observatory, AUT. He has a D.Phil in Politics from the University of Oxford and focuses on the politics of climate change, in particular the transition to a low-emissions landscape.

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Maria Bargh and David Hall on the low-emissions transition
Maria Bargh and David Hall