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Budget 2019: Video and comment by Berl

BY The Policy Observatory


Last month The Policy Observatory hosted economics consulting firm Berl for a pre-budget breakfast briefing. We have video of the event for those unable to make it. The full session in one video is here

But the presentations are also available as separate clips:

Amanda Reid on The Treasury’s approach to wellbeing and how it fits with wider government strategy

Nick Robertson on the economic context in which the government has designed the budget, including domestic and international risks facing the New Zealand economy

Ganesh Nana’s presentation deals with the question of transformation, and is followed by the audience Q+A

Slides for the presentations are here:

Amanda Reid and Ganesh Nana have also written a reposne to the budget, which can be found on our Briefing Papers website:

This paper begins with a description of the budget’s elements, including its three pronged-approach, the government’s five (plus one) priorities, and the Living Standards Framework. Some budget programmes are highlighted to show how these elements come together. Then, a critique. Is this the transformation we have been waiting for?