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Pre-budget Breakfast Briefing with Berl

BY The Policy Observatory

You are invited to join The Policy Observatory as we host the team from Berl economic consulting for a breakfast presentation and discussion on the 2019 budget.

Will the Wellbeing Budget be gazumped by a sombre economic outlook?

Just how bad is the global outlook and what does it mean for NZ? Is the Finance Minister’s ‘rainy day’ surplus pūtea sufficient to see us through? What about those in New Zealand who are already drowning? Will wellbeing be parked (again), as more immediate challenges take priority? And what of the promised transformation to a sustainable, productive, inclusive economy?

News of New Zealand’s proposed Wellbeing Budget took the Davos World Economic Forum by storm earlier this year. Members of the political and financial glitterati seemed mesmerised. But back home in Aotearoa, as the Minister of Finance prepares to unveil his Wellbeing Budget, the domestic populace shows noticeably less excitement.

To complicate matters further, this year’s Budget will be announced under the pall of a short-term economic outlook that has turned unambiguously uninviting.

This event is free of charge but numbers are strictly limited; registration is essential. Late registration is now open. RSVP to by 4pm Thursday 16th May.

location AUT City Campus